"Grand Lake Stream - Maine" signed J.V. White

A Watercolor Painting by Joseph V. White (1916-2009) of Hingham, Massachusetts.

Joe grew up in South Boston and at an early age enjoyed sketching and drawing. His true love of watercolors came later and was instilled by  friend and accomplished artist, Joseph H. Wheaton. Joe was especially inspired by the works of Winslow Homer. He completed the Famous Artist Course at Westport, Connecticut but was mostly a self-taught artist.He specialized in out-door and wild-life scenes and had several local exhibits to his credit.

Notice the fly fisherman fishing from the shore.

Written on reverse: Oct. 1986 Trip to Princeton, Maine - Visited Peter Dana Point - Indian (Passamaquoddy) Settlement - Grand Lake Stream - Went as far as Gould's Landing



Condition: Excellent, in a Rustic Wood Frame
Dimensions: Site Size: 16 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Circa: last quarter 20th century
Part Number: 8448HWSH

Price: $1700