Hurley Conklin Brant

This is a Classic hollow New Jersey Brant in the feeding position carved by one of the most sought after decoy makers,

Hurley Conklin (1913-1993) of Manahawkin, NJ. 

Hurley spent his youth in Cedar Run, clamming and fishing during the summer and duck hunting during the winter.  As a young boy he also learned the art of making decoys.  At the age of 15, Sherwood Corliss, a saw mill owner ordered a rig of a dozen black ducks.  He liked them so much that he immediately ordered another dozen shell drakes.  It should be noted that Sherwood's brother, "Uncle" Rube Corliss, another well known decoy maker charged twice the price for his decoys.  This was the beginning of a career in decoy making for Hurley. After a short stint with the C.C.C. and then in 1941, the army for four years and an honorable discharge, he returned to Manahawkin to resume his carving career.  Hurley eventually became a guide for the Marshelder Island Gun Club and also guided a number of locals from Cedar Run.

John Hillman, Lloyd Johnson and Bill Mackey were among the noteworthy collectors who purchased Hurley's decoys.  The prices realized from the sale of Mackey's collection in the early 70's, contributed to the escalating prices of Hurley's decoys. 



Condition: Original Paint. Structurally excellent.
Circa: 1960's
Part Number: 2150TWN

Price: $900.00