Lincoln Self-Bailing Surf Scoter


Joseph Lincoln (1859-1938)

Accord, Massachusetts

Growing up Lincoln realized he could construct anything he wanted. He worked as a shoemaker, a clock repairman and an upholsterer. He is one of the most highly regarded decoy makers in North America. His decoys exhibit classic symetrical lines and clean stylized paint patterns.

This Scoter is a fine example of Lincoln's ingenuity. The hollowed cedar bottom and underside of the tail to which a flat bottom board was added leaves a large open area to permit drainage.


Inscribed on the bottom is

"Purchased Aug 1926 from Jow Lincoln, Accord, Ma. Sold to Ellery H. Clard June 1985 - by Joe Wood"

Condition: Excellent original paint with light gunning wear, left side hit with shot
Dimensions: 19" long x 7 1/2" high
Circa: 1926
Part Number: 7773OTNH

Price: $4900