USS Kearsarge

USS Kearsarge, a Mohican-class sloop-of-war, is best known for her defeat of the Confederate commerce raider CSS Alabama during the American Civil War. On June 19, 1864 Alabama stood out of Cherbourg Harbor France for her last action. Mindful of French neutrality, Kearsarge's new commanding officer, Captain John Winslow, took the sloop-of-war well clear of territorial waters, and then turned to meet the Confederate cruiser. Alabama opened fire first while Kearsarge held her reply until she had closed to less than 1,000 yards. One hour after she fired her first salvo, Alabama had been reduced to a sinking wreck. The ship in the background is the British ship Deerhound, which actually rescued the crew of the Alabama.

 Unsigned oil on canvas painting



Condition: Some stable craquelure, No inpainting.
Dimensions: Site Size 25 1/2 " wide by 17 1/2"H
Circa: 1865-70
Part Number: 7614TTNHH

Price: $22,000.00