“The Yawl Yacht Columbia” by Antonio Jacobsen

Signed and Dated “Antonio Jacobsen 1908”

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Antonio Jacobsen became one of America’s best known and most prolific painters of marine subjects. He studied at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen, then emigrated to New York in 1871 to avoid serving in the Franco-Prussian War, and got a job decorating safes. At that time, he began painting portraits of the vessels of the Old Dominion Steamship Line, creating about 6000 ship portraits in New York Harbor between 1876 and 1919. From 1880, he lived in Hoboken, New Jersey. He had a complete understanding of ships and achieved great accuracy of detail in his works. He is exhibited in over 20 museums and published in more than 58 books and magazines.

Columbia was an American racing yacht built in 1899. She was the defender of the tenth America’s Cup race that same year as well as the defender of the eleventh America’s Cup race in 1901. This painting is listed in: Harold Sniffen, Antonio Jacobsen The Checklist (The Mariner’s Museum, 1984), p. 78, #23.

Oil on Board

Origin: American, Circa: 1908

Dimensions: W: 21.25" H: 13.5"
Framed: W: 26.25" H: 18.5"
Provenance: Exhibited in the Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ December 16, 1973 - February 3, 1974.
Condition: Professionally cleaned

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