Miniature Hen Canvasback By Elmer Crowell

Miniature Hen Canvasback
By Elmer Crowell (1862-1952)
East Harwich, MA

This hen Canvasback retains its original paint. It has the Crowell impressed rectangular brand on the bottom.

Crowell’s works are exhibited in most decoy museums and better private collections. Long hailed as the Rembrandt of American decoy carvers, his unmistakable touch is seen in his detailed execution, carving, and paint. He was born in East Harwich, MA, and established his shop there. The shop has been rebuilt and is exhibited in his Museum in East Harwich, Mass.

Origin: East Harwich, MA, Circa: 1920-49

Dimensions: W: 2.625" D: 4.375" H: 3.375"
Condition: Original Paint very good condition

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