Arrow Weathervane from Cambridge Baptist Church in Maine

Arrow Weathervane
From The Cambridge Baptist Church (1855)
Cambridge, Maine
This iconic arrow weathervane graced the bell tower until a storm blew it down. The weathervane was acquired from the present Reverend.
We know from the Historical Society that the Church was erected in 1855 and the bell was placed in the bell tower in 1892. We feel that the weathervane was installed closer to the time of the bell installation.
We love the form and natural verdigris surface of this arrow. The three spheres seem wonderfully extravagant.

Origin: Cambridge, Maine, Circa: 1880-92

Dimensions: W: 31" H: 21.5"
Provenance: Historical Happenings, Cambridge Historical Society Summer 2002 Volume 2 Number 2 P.O. Box 77, Cambridge, ME 04923 See History of Baptist Church
Condition: Original Vergige surface,Predictable areas of wear on the main shaft, caused from many years of spinning on the rod in the wind.

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