Miniature Hooded Merganser By Elmer Crowell

Miniature Hooded Merganser
By Elmer Crowell (1862-1952)
Elmer Crowell has long been hailed as the Rembrandt of American Decoy carvers. His works can be seen in most decoy museums and better private collections.
The Crowell touch is unmistakable. It is seen both in its execution, in the carving, and in the paint. This duck illustrates Crowell’s ability to capture the iridescent green that nature has provided to a few duck species.
This Hooded Merganser retains its original paint. It also has the Crowell rectangular stamp on the bottom.
Circa 1935-50
Crowell’s work has been exhibited in:
The Mass. Audubon Visual Arts Center
Shelburne Museum
Peabody Essex Museum
The Atwood House

Origin: American, Circa: 1930's

Dimensions: W: 3.5" D: 2.25" H: 2.5"
Condition: Excellent Condition -

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