Rabbit Shooting Gallery Target

This larger than normal(12 3/8″ long) shooting gallery rabbit was made by either the H.C. Evans & Company, Emil R. Hoffmann & Sons, or A.J. Smith Mfg. Co., all Chicago Manufacturers that produced strikingly similar rabbits. The Rabbit is pictured in ” Step Right Up!” a book on Shooting Gallery Targets by Richard and Valerie Tucker page 73 item 5.20. The target was well used as evidenced by the numerous shot marks. Targets were purchased by the Arcades unpainted and then painted to their desired colors. This rabbit retains some of its original red color.


Origin: American, Circa: 1890-1930

Dimensions: W: 12.375" D: .5" H: 6.75"
Provenance: Chicago, Il
Condition: Many shot marks and remnants of original paint.

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